Bobbie Faye Short Stories

Failure to Communicate: A Bobbie Faye Short Story


What happened to Bobbie Faye after her first appearance in CHARMED AND DANGEROUS? Now you can find out!

Bobbie Faye as a hostage? What were they thinking!


Heat: The Bobbie Faye prequel short story


What happened before Bobbie Faye’s first full length adventure in CHARMED AND DANGEROUS?

HEAT (a short, short) is Bobbie Faye and Cam’s prequel…just how hot were Cam and Bobbie Faye? You’ll get a taste of it here!


Bobbie Faye’s Hot Mess of a Wedding: A Bobbie Faye Novella


Wondering what happened to Bobbie Faye and Trevor after WHEN A MAN LOVES A WEAPON?

Bobbie Faye’s Hot Mess of a Wedding…the title pretty much says it all!


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