I’m playing with various techniques within Photoshop. This is a relatively easy one — I took this shot July 20, pretty early in the morning. When I loaded it into the computer, I HDR’d it with Photomatix Pro 5, then popped it into Photoshop and fixed the necessary lens corrections. (When you’re shooting with a wide-angle lens, you can end up with a distortion where the buildings all lean toward the center. There’s a simple fix in Photoshop to straight up the buildings and compensate for that lens distortion. The downside is that you can fix one thing a little too much and it’ll make something else look out-of-whack. I could probably still futz with this a bit and maybe be a little happier with the angles.) Once I had the final image, I debated changing the sky to something more dramatic; I decided against it for now because I think it would take away from the rest of the scene too much. Finally, I futzed with the oil painting filters a little, to give it that feel of a painting, instead of a pure photo. I could have pushed that effect a lot harder, or gone with a really splotchier water color effect–all easy to do in Photoshop, but for now, I’m happy with this.


Pirate's alley ground perspective oil painting for web