One of the really sweet things about living in the Quarter is that almost every weekend, someone has a second line parade. It’s usually arranged when a group or club hires a brass band (and gets the appropriate permits and parade route approval) to march through the Quarter. The brass band itself is called the “main line” and everyone who follows it is the “second line.” This is especially apparent after weddings (and funerals–but in the Quarter, much more often for weddings).

Not every second line parade is created equal–some are super short, some hire a sort of eclectic bag of performers who call themselves a band (and while are fairly decent, aren’t usually great). This particular second line had an amazing band, with every band member in their crisp white shirts, their black pants, shiny black shoes, and band cap, and they clearly knew how to play many favorites, exceptionally well.

I love the wedding second lines most when there are tiny bridesmaids having what you know will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience of helping to lead the second line (following the band) all the way from the wedding to the reception venue.

Littlest bridesmaid