About 3 months ago, my friend, CJ Lyons, asked me to create a piece of art for her cover for her new book (coming out soon), titled Farewell to Dreams. She then interviewed me about the process, and that interview is up live on USA Today’s blog.

The photo/image is completely composited–I shot the violinist here in the Quarter, and layered in everything you see. It was the first time I’d done this much composite work, and the goal was to evoke the sort of gritty surreal landscape of Fatal Insomnia that this character suffers–she’s dying (you learn this on page one), and she’s in denial about how bad it’s going to get. Meanwhile, her music (she’s a doctor) keeps her grounded and sane and able to survive. She works in a world rife with corruption and the desperate, the poor who are fighting to survive, and the criminals preying on them, and she’s trying to save lives before she loses her own. I was thoroughly moved by the story.

Here’s the artwork: