Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk


I met up Saturday night with a group formed from the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk -- which has apparently been an annual event for a little while now, and I hadn't realized it. There was a really great group meet-up in the Quarter--met some … [Read more]

The Arcanum experience

Barbara's old car

After my only brother died, almost two years ago, I felt like I lost my voice. My creativity with words suffered and dried up to driftwood. While I slowly picked up the pieces again and pasted them together, it was painful. I did it because he'd … [Read more]

Pirate’s Alley — oil technique

Pirate's alley ground perspective oil painting for web

I'm playing with various techniques within Photoshop. This is a relatively easy one -- I took this shot July 20, pretty early in the morning. When I loaded it into the computer, I HDR'd it with Photomatix Pro 5, then popped it into Photoshop and … [Read more]


Innovation. One of the things that all the hoopla surrounding Amazon vs. Hachette is obfuscating is that the internet isn't just changing publishing--it's changing every type of commerce. I'm not all that interested in the controversy surrounding … [Read more]

Sometimes, you’re the bug.*

I thought I'd tell you a... fairytale. Something completely made up. Totally not related to anyone who may or may not be a member of this blog. Okay? Fiction. Totally. Once upon a time, there was this woman Tonya. Tonya was married … [Read more]