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Hello Future, how are you?

You know, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m used to electronics being smarter than I am. It was hard to accept at first that the kids (including my grandkids) could work there TV/cable remote […]

Mardi Gras and beyond…

I cannot believe I haven’t updated since Christmas. Geeeeeeez, it’s been busy around here. There was Mardi Gras in all its abundance. I rode in the Nyx parade and had an absolute blast, then walked […]

NYC trip

When Tamar and I were walking around NYC last week, we made a stop at an amazing gelato place (um, Tamar will have to post where it is)… and as we’re standing in there, she’s taste testing […]

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

I met up Saturday night with a group formed from the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk — which has apparently been an annual event for a little while now, and I hadn’t realized it. There […]

The Arcanum experience

After my only brother died, almost two years ago, I felt like I lost my voice. My creativity with words suffered and dried up to driftwood. While I slowly picked up the pieces again and […]

Pirate’s Alley — oil technique

I’m playing with various techniques within Photoshop. This is a relatively easy one — I took this shot July 20, pretty early in the morning. When I loaded it into the computer, I HDR’d it […]


Innovation. One of the things that all the hoopla surrounding Amazon vs. Hachette is obfuscating is that the internet isn’t just changing publishing–it’s changing every type of commerce. I’m not all that interested in the […]

Sometimes, you’re the bug.*

I thought I’d tell you a… fairytale. Something completely made up. Totally not related to anyone who may or may not be a member of this blog. Okay? Fiction. Totally. Once upon a time, there was this […]

A few writer-type questions (and answers)

Recently, Tiffany Dailey sent me a few questions for a blog tour type of thing, and they seemed like fun, so I thought I’d answer them. 1) What am I working on? Currently, I have two […]

When all else fails…

Things to say in public that will get you all the elbow room you need:“You know, I was really disappointed in the blood spatter patterns. I wanted a lot more. I think I’m going to […]

Littlest bridesmaid in a second line parade…

One of the really sweet things about living in the Quarter is that almost every weekend, someone has a second line parade. It’s usually arranged when a group or club hires a brass band (and […]